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  • Alert Carolina Informational Message: Chapel Hill Police responding to reports of gunshots in Chapel Hill

      The Chapel Hill Police Department responded at 6:18 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 27, to the report of multiple gunshots in the 800 block of Pritchard Avenue Extension.   This incident did not occur on UNC-Chapel Hill’s campus or in the immediate vicinity.   The Chapel Hill Fire Department and Orange County Emergency Services assisted multiple…

  • Alert Carolina Crime Alert: UNC Police received report of alleged drink tampering and physical assault

    UNC Police has received a report from a Campus Security Authority of an alleged incident of drink tampering, which is aggravated assault under the Clery Act, of two people at 216 East Rosemary Street on Aug. 26. One of these individuals reported that they were then physically assaulted. We are alerting the community in accordance with the Jeanne Clery…

  • Alert Carolina Informational: Chapel Hill Police investigating armed robberies in downtown Chapel Hill

    Chapel Hill Police are investigating three incidents of armed robbery near downtown Chapel Hill just before 9:00 p.m. Friday in which UNC-Chapel Hill students were victims. There were no injuries reported. Two individuals have been identified as persons of interest. The incidents occurred at: 342 W. Rosemary Street at 8:42 p.m. 216 N. Roberson Street…

  • Alert Carolina Informational: UNC-Chapel Hill community member tests presumptively positive for COVID-19

    Dear students, faculty and staff: We are writing to let you know that a member of our campus community has tested presumptively positive for COVID-19. This individual is an UNC-Chapel Hill employee and they are currently self-isolating at home in accordance with the guidelines established by state health department and the U.S. Centers for Disease…

  • Alert Carolina Informational: Individual arrested for possession of a firearm

    On Sunday, Feb. 16, UNC Police arrested an on-campus resident in a residence hall for possessing a firearm on educational property. UNC Police were alerted to the weapon via anonymous tip from someone who had seen the weapon on social media.  UNC Police responded immediately and took the suspect into custody. The suspect is facing felony charges and is currently banned from the…

  • Alert Carolina Informational Message: How Winter Weather Status Decisions Are Made and Communicated

    Dear Students, Faculty and Staff: As Winter season approaches, it is important to review the University’s policies and procedures for addressing winter weather.  When adverse weather has the potential to affect class and work schedules, the University will make decisions about the campus operating status as far in advance as possible. Your safety is our…

  • Alert Carolina Informational Message: Chapel Hill Police Continue Sexual Assault Investigation

    UPDATE: Alert Carolina Update: Chapel Hill Police Seek Additional Information in Sexual Assault Investigation The Town of Chapel Hill Police Department has issued the following update related to their investigation into a sexual assault early Friday, September 13: “Chapel Hill Police Chief Chris Blue and UNC Police Chief David Perry have been in close contact since…

  • ALERT CAROLINA INFORMATIONAL MESSAGE: Town of Chapel Hill Police Investigate Armed Carjacking

    UNC STUDENTS, STAFF, AND FACULTY: Town of Chapel Hill Police Investigate Armed Carjacking On Wednesday evening (June 12), the Town of Chapel Hill Police Department issued the following information regarding the report of a carjacking off-campus early Wednesday morning: “The Chapel Hill Police Department responded to the report of a carjacking in the 900 block…

  • ALERT CAROLINA INFORMATIONAL MESSAGE: UNC student tests positive for tuberculosis

    ATTENTION: UNC Students, Faculty and Staff: A student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has tested positive for active tuberculosis (TB) which is a disease that generally develops over weeks and months and is completely curable with medications. The student is no longer on campus and has submitted to home isolation. A…

  • UNC student tested for probable case of mumps

    ­­   A UNC student is being tested for a probable case of the mumps. The dates the student may have been infectious were April 23 through April 30. The student lives off-campus and the risk to the general population of contracting mumps from this student is low. However, we want to provide you with…



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  • Adverse Conditions – Critical: UNC in Condition 2 on April 30

  • Emergency: System Test

  • !AlertCarolina! Adverse Conditions: Critical- University will move to Condition 1 at 4 pm today. Weather info at

  • !Alert Carolina! Crime Alert: UNC Police is investigating a report of 11 motor vehicle break-ins this morning.

  • Crime Alert: UNC Police is investigating reports of 15 motor vehicle break-ins since yesterday.

  • !Alert Carolina! Crime Alert: Urgent – UNC Police investigating report of groping/sexual assault at McClinton Residence Hall

  • !Alert Carolina! Crime Alert – UNC Police investigating thefts of electric scooters from multiple locations.

  • !AlertCarolina! Adverse Conditions-Critical: University operating at Condition 3 until 5pm & Cond. 2 until 11:59 pm. See for more info.

  • Emergency: UNC issues All Clear

  • !Alert Carolina! Emergency-Update: Reports of an armed & dangerous person on/near campus. Continue to shelter in place and check for info