Alert Carolina – UNC-Chapel Hill

Normal: The University is currently operating under normal conditions

In the event of an alert on campus, this website will be updated frequently with instructions and information about the incident, campus services and resources available to the campus community.

Remember that it may take time for authorities to investigate the situation, verify the facts and provide the campus with instructions or updates. Do not call 911 or the UNC Police Department for general information. The Alert Carolina website will provide new details as quickly as possible.

In an emergency that requires immediate help, call 911. You can also use one of Carolina’s Blue Call Boxes or the Carolina Ready Safety App to report an emergency, crime or suspicious activity.

Notification Types

Emergency Warning

Alerts campus to a confirmed significant emergency or dangerous situation involving an immediate threat to health or safety on campus. Accompanied by emergency sirens, to alert people who are outdoors.

Crime Alert

Notifies the campus community of any Clery Act crime as soon as the information is available so people can protect themselves and/or their property from similar crimes. Intended to inform people to be cautious, not to take immediate action, so the sirens will not sound.

Adverse Conditions

Issued when circumstances exist that do not represent an immediate threat to health or safety, yet action may enable people to protect themselves and/or their property. Includes adverse weather events, major campus utility outages or other situations that would require a change in the University’s normal operating status.


Informs campus when a situation is not an emergency or does not pose an immediate threat to the campus community, but is of significant interest to campus.