Timely Warning


    TIMELY WARNING MESSAGE FROM ALERT CAROLINA: Assault, Shot Fired Near Campus The University is currently operating under an alert condition. Campus and Town of Chapel Hill police are responding to a serious incident off campus. Shortly after 2 a.m. at an establishment on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill, a male suspect struck two females at…

  • !Alert Carolina!

    !Alert Carolina! Police responding to shooting near campus; no injuries. Not an immediate safety threat. See alertcarolina.unc.edu.



Recent Notifications

  • !Alert Carolina! Emergency – Update: Remain sheltered in place. This is an ongoing situation. Suspect at large.

  • Emergency: Police report an Armed and Dangerous Person On or Near Campus

  • Alert Carolina Crime Alert: Report of Rape

  • Emergency: System Test

  • Emergency: System Test

  • Alert Carolina Crime Alert: Reports of Peeping in Phillips Hall

  • Alert Carolina Crime Alert: Report of Assault

  • Alert Carolina Crime Alert: Report of Shooting off Campus

  • Alert Carolina Crime Alert

  • Emergency: System Test