Alert Carolina Crime Alert

Crime Alert: Students, Faculty, and Staff:

UNC Police received a report at 8:01 p.m. today of a robbery at Morrison Residence Hall. A woman entered a student’s room and then assaulted the student and verbally threatened them. The woman went through the student’s belongings and took money from the room before leaving.

The woman has not been located by police and is described as a black female with short hair that was pulled back; has three nose piercings, one of which was a ring; and is 5 feet 2 inches tall and medium build.

Anyone with information about this incident is advised to call the UNC Police Department at 919-962-8100. The UNC Police Department is available 24 hours a day by calling 911 in an emergency or 919-962-8100 for non-emergency assistance. Officers are also available in person at the Public Safety Building located at 285 Manning Drive.

UNC-Chapel Hill encourages the Carolina community to adhere to the following safety tips:

Even if you are just going a few doors away from your room or apartment, or even next door, lock your door. Thieves need only a matter of minutes, even seconds, to perpetrate a property crime.

If you are in your dorm room, apartment, or house, keep doors to the outside of your residence locked for personal safety.

Unless you know for sure that they live in the building, do not hold doors open to allow others inside.

Remember to keep exterior building doors closed. It can be tempting to prop them open, but this can allow unauthorized people to enter buildings.

Purchase a small personal safe or lockable footlocker for your residence hall room or office. Both are relatively inexpensive and can save much aggravation in the long run.

Note the condition of your home, office, or residence hall room before leaving the premises and be alert for changes upon your return, such as lights left on, property damage, or a door left ajar. If you think someone might be or might have been in your office or living space, do not enter. Leave and call 9-1-1.

Report suspicious individuals and activity to appropriate authorities, such as housing staff and UNC Police.