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  1. November 5, 2018 - 5:29 pm
    The campus will extend Condition 2 until 5 pm, Tuesday, Nov. 6.

    OWASA has announced that the break has been isolated but storage remains low. Please use water for essential needs only to ensure the community has water for emergency requirements. System pressure remains low in some areas. Please continue to boil water for at least the next 24 hours. Some customers may see discoloration in their water due to sediment (non-harmful particles) being stirred-up in the pipes.

    The campus will extend Condition 2 until 5 pm, Tuesday, Nov. 6.

    Classes are cancelled and all non-mandatory operations are suspended; only mandatory employees must report to or remain at work. Non-faculty (staff) non-mandatory employees must not report, or must leave campus. These employees must use leave time if not working or can use make-up time subject to applicable rules. Alternatively, and only with supervisor approval, non-mandatory employees may work from home or an alternate site.

November 5, 2018 - 2:09 pm

The campus remains at Condition 2 until 11:00 pm this evening, and the town remains under a boil water advisory. The water supply continues to decrease on campus, posing risks to health and safety. We encourage faculty and staff who can leave campus to do so immediately, so that services can focus on residential and essential needs.

Below are details on services that are currently available:

Student Services

DINING: Chase and Top of Lenoir Dining Halls are open for limited hours with limited menus. Chase will not be open for late night. Please check the dining website at for hours.

HEALTH SERVICES: Campus Health Services will continue to operate under normal conditions as long as water pressure sufficient for patient care remains intact.  Visit the Campus Health website at for information about any altered operations that may be required.

EVENTS: Carolina Union and Campus Recreation Facilities are closed, and all Student Affairs programing and events are cancelled.

Research Facilities
Researchers should vacate their labs as it is not safe for continued research operations. Safety showers and safety eye washes will not work, fire sprinkler systems will have low pressure and building bathrooms are unusable.

Information Sources

The next Alert Carolina update is planned for 6:00 pm.

For real-time updates, use the following sources:

  • Alert Carolina:
  • University:, amplified via official social media accounts including @UNC, @Alert_UNCCH (for parents, family, Chapel Hill residents and friends) and @UNC_HR on Twitter.
  • OWASA:
  • Adverse Weather and Emergency Phone Line: (919) 843-1234. You may call this number to hear recorded announcements about campus operations.
  • UNC Transportation and Parking: For information including parking lot conditions and the status of Point-to-Point shuttle operations. Refer to
  • Chapel Hill Transit also posts adverse weather or emergency event news and routes and schedules. Refer to