Adverse Weather Alert – University to activate Condition 1 at 5 pm; Regular schedule on Tuesday at 6 am

The University will activate Condition 1 (Reduced Operations) of its adverse weather plan starting at 5 p.m. today (Feb. 15). As a reminder, this means the University is open and classes and work shifts begin at 5 p.m. Individual faculty may use discretion to adjust class schedules and arrange any make-up work.

The University will leave Condition 1 and return to a regular schedule on Tuesday, Feb. 16, at 6 a.m.

Mandatory employees must report to or remain at work unless otherwise notified.

Non-mandatory employees can decide to leave early, arrive late, or not report, with timely notice to their supervisor. They must use personal leave if not working. Alternatively, and only with supervisor approval, these employees may work from home or an alternate site. Employees can make up time within 90 days.

University crews worked throughout last evening and today to treat and clear campus sidewalks and parking lots. However, please use extreme caution. To see routes on Campus that are the first to be cleared, click and note on the bottom, right side of the screen under the “Announcements” section, “Building Snow Removal Plan.”

Staff employees are reminded of the UNC system’s new Adverse Weather and Emergency Closing Policy, effective Jan. 1, 2016. Visit to view the new policy and for a summary that explains the key factors in the decision-making process about weather events in greater detail.

Please continue to check the University’s homepage,, and official Twitter accounts (@UNC and @UNC_HR) for updates, along with the information sources listed below.

Safety is the number one priority when making weather decisions about campus operations. As a general rule, students, faculty and staff must use their own best judgment about whether they can travel safely to and from campus.

The University is committed to announcing any decision to change operations promptly to give people as much lead time as possible to plan travel to and from class and work. Many University units – including Carolina Dining Services, Campus Health Services, performing arts and cultural venues, and the Department of Athletics – plan to post updates about the status of their operations and events on their individual websites and social media accounts.

Unless a change in operational status is announced, the University always operates on a regular schedule for students, faculty and staff employees. The University uses three new adverse weather operating conditions:  Condition 1 – Reduced Operations. (University is open.); Condition 2 – Suspended Operations. (University is open only for mandatory operations.); and Condition 3 – Closure.  (Classes are cancelled; offices and facilities are closed.)

Information Sources

If winter weather changes the University’s operating status, campus communications will include:

  • An email, website post and, if conditions warrant, a text message from Alert Carolina, You must be signed up to receive an Alert Carolina text message. Alert Carolina will send text messages about decisions to activate or deactivate Condition 2 or Condition 3.
  • Adverse Weather and Emergency Phone Line: (919) 843-1234. You may call this number to hear recorded announcements about campus operations.
  • UNC Traveler’s Information System Radio, 1610 AM, near campus.
  • UNC Transportation and Parking for information including parking lot conditions. (
  • Area news media websites and news reports.
  • Many University units and UNC Health Care post news about the status of their specific operations and events on their websites and official social media accounts.
  • Chapel Hill Transit also posts adverse weather news and routes and schedules. Refer to