Emergency Warning: The University has activated the sirens. Police report an ARMED AND DANGEROUS PERSON ON OR NEAR CAMPUS.

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff:

The University has issued an Emergency Warning and activated the sirens. Police report an armed and dangerous person on or near campus.

University police are advising all students, faculty and staff to:

– Seek shelter indoors now.
– Close windows and doors.
– Stay until further notice.

The Alert Carolina website, alertcarolina.unc.edu, will be updated as soon as more information is available. It can take hours to resolve an emergency situation; updates may not be immediate. Meantime, if you are directed by police or University personnel to take specific action – such as to evacuate a building, stay out of a certain part of campus, or go to your residence hall and stay there – please comply immediately.

If you see suspicious activity, call 911. Do not call 911 or the Department of Public Safety merely to ask for information about the current incident. Police phone lines need to remain open for emergency communications.

When the threat is over, the sirens will sound again with a different tone to announce along with the voice message: “All clear. Resume normal activities.”

When the sirens are activated – and when there is an “all clear” — the University also sends a text message to the cell phone numbers registered by students, faculty and staff in the online campus directory.