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November 15, 2015 - 2:36 pm


As you are aware, very tragic events took place in Paris Friday evening.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of the victims, the people of Paris and all of France as well as everyone who was affected by these horrendous actions. Yesterday, we were grateful to learn that the five UNC-Chapel Hill students who are studying in Paris this semester are safe and unharmed.

As we begin the week ahead, the University wants to underscore the need for increased vigilance even as UNC’s Department of Public Safety has already increased its security presence throughout campus. As always, it is important for students, faculty, staff and visitors to operate with a heightened awareness of personal safety and report any unusual activity as well.

If you’re feeling unsettled by the news of this tragedy and need to talk with someone, the Carolina community has resources available for you. Counseling services are available for students, staff and faculty. Students may call Counseling and Psychological Services at 919-966-2281 on weekends and after hours. During regular business hours, students are encouraged to call 919-966-3658. Faculty and staff may contact our Employee Assistance Program at 877-314-5841, if you would like support.

About Informational Messages: The University sends an Informational Message to inform the campus community about a situation that is not an emergency, but is expected to be of significant interest to the campus. An Informational Message is one of three tiers of communication under the University’s revised emergency communications plan. Emergency Warning refers to a siren activation for a significant emergency. And a Timely Warning is issued if there is a continuing danger AND notification will not compromise law enforcement efforts.Sponsored by the UNC Department of Public Safety