Message from University Regarding Wednesday’s Alert

Dear Campus Community,

Wednesday night at approximately 11 p.m., two armed robberies were reported on campus. Per our Alert Carolina protocols, sirens were immediately activated.

However, follow-up notifications were not issued for approximately 45 minutes; the system failed.

A full review will be launched immediately to ensure this breakdown in communication does not happen again. The University apologizes for the concern and uncertainty this caused.

An “all clear” was sounded at approximately midnight, signaling that it is safe for the campus community  to resume normal activities.

When the sirens are activated – and when there is an “all clear” – the University also sends a text message to the cell phone numbers registered by students, faculty and staff in the online campus directory. The University also communicates about an emergency using sources including:  campus-wide email and voice mail (for campus land lines), the Adverse Weather and Emergency Phone Line, 843-1234, for recorded information, and the University Access Channel (Chapel Hill Time Warner Cable Channel 4) along with other campus television channels.