AlertCarolina: UNC open on regular schedule

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff:

Classes will be held; offices will be open on Friday, March 7, 2014. Condition 1

Employees (SPA and EPA non-faculty) are reminded of the University’s Adverse Weather Policy. Emergency employees should report for work. Other employees are responsible for their regular duties, making up any missed work time, and making their own decisions about work based on personal safety.

UNC uses three main adverse weather operating conditions: Condition 1 (open), Condition 2 (classes canceled; offices open) or Condition 3 (classes canceled; offices closed). Reports of state government closings do not apply to the University. The University generally announces adverse weather news on, the campus information sources listed below, and through the news media. Unless a change is announced, the University always operates under Condition 1 – regular schedule.

Other information sources:

(919) 843-1234. Adverse Weather and Emergency Phone Line for recorded information and announcements about campus operations.
UNC Traveler’s Information System Radio, 1610 AM, near campus.
UNC Department of Public Safety for details including parking lot conditions.
Chapel Hill Transit for inclement weather updates, routes and schedules, and actual bus arrival times.
ABOUT THIS EMAIL: Campus-wide email is not an instant source of information as part of the University’s notification process. The University’s Alert Carolina System is activated using a strategy that is based on redundancy, using multiple methods to communicate. The best, most up-to-date source of information will always be the Alert Carolina website,