University to postpone emergency siren test

University officials are postponing the scheduled test of the emergency sirens and related text messages because of possible adverse weather moving into the Chapel Hill-Carrboro area at the same time the test was to be conducted. The siren test had been scheduled for Tuesday, January 28, between 2 and 3 p.m., but it will be conducted on another date that will be announced soon.

Chief Jeff McCracken, director of public safety, was concerned about confusion over possible competing communications between a siren test and any weather-related announcements, if they are needed.

About Informational Messages: The University sends an Informational Message to inform the campus community about a situation that is not an emergency, but is expected to be of significant interest to the campus. An Informational Message is one of three tiers of communication under the University’s revised emergency communications plan. Emergency Warning refers to a siren activation for a significant emergency. And a Timely Warning is issued if there is a continuing danger AND notification will not compromise law enforcement efforts.

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