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April 8, 2013 - 6:09 pm

INFORMATIONAL MESSAGE FROM ALERT CAROLINA: Police File Charges for False Report of Recent Sexual Assault

The UNC Department of Public Safety has charged a non-UNC student with filing a false report about an alleged sexual assault early Saturday morning (April 6) on the UNC campus.

No Alert Carolina notification was made in the wake of the alleged incident because there was no imminent threat to the University community and because issuing such a notice would have compromised the integrity of the investigation.

The Department of Public Safety takes all reports of sexual assault seriously, however a thorough investigation determined that the testimony provided by the reporting party was false, and charges were filed on Monday (April 8).

About Informational Messages: The University sends an Informational Message to inform the campus community about a situation that is not an emergency, but is expected to be of significant interest to the campus.

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