The safety of our students and employees is our number one priority in making any weather-related decision about campus operations. Unless the University announces a change in status, the campus operates on a regular schedule. Based on information from University grounds, police and transportation staffs, Chapel Hill Transit, law enforcement agencies, the National Weather Service, and other sources, the University may activate one of three Adverse Weather Conditions (Condition 1, Condition 2, and Condition 3) described below. The University is committed to announcing a change in class or work schedules as far in advance as possible so students, faculty and staff can plan their travel to and from campus accordingly.

General notices about state government agency delays and closings do not apply to the UNC System or UNC campuses. Please note the UNC System policy also says, “The Governor’s declaration of a ‘State of Emergency’ or an advisory by the State Highway Patrol to avoid travel does not automatically necessitate suspended operations.”

As a general rule, individual students, faculty and staff, many of whom commute to Chapel Hill from a multi-county area, must use their own best judgment about whether they can travel safely to and from campus given local conditions.

Under the UNC System’s Adverse Weather and Emergency Event Policy, the three Adverse Weather Conditions are:

  • Condition 1: Reduced Operations
  • Condition 2: Suspended Operations
  • Condition 3: Closure

For additional information on how the University makes decisions about operations during adverse weather and emergencies, please click here.