Know the Difference Between the Emergency Warning Siren and ‘All Clear’

People on or near campus can expect to hear two different sounds from the University’s sirens.

  • One signals an emergency warning that requires immediate action, such as go or remain inside.
  • The other indicates “all clear.” Resume normal activities.

To hear an audio sample of the siren and “all clear” tones go to:

Listen to an audio sample of the siren tone.
Listen to an audio sample of the siren “all clear” tone.

People outside on or near campus may hear the sirens at six locations:

  • Hinton James Residence Hall off Manning Drive;
  • Gary R. Tomkins Chilled Water Operations Center behind the Dogwood Parking Deck;
  • Winston Residence Hall at the corner of Raleigh Street and South Road;
  • Hill Hall behind University Methodist Church;
  • University buildings and support facilities near the Giles Horney Building off Martin Luther King Boulevard; and
  • William and Ida Friday Continuing Education Center about three miles east of the central campus.

If you are inside a building or driving in a car, don’t expect to hear the sirens.

Registered cell phone users will receive an accompanying Alert Carolina text message about a siren activation and an all clear.